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July 01, 2006



Extraordinary! It certainly makes David Marr's article even more believable. Thanks for drawing my attention to this post.


the evils that men do in the name of deity is both saddening and angering.


Very interesting: thank you for the personal recollections also.

And I echo Naomi: so very sad.

Bene Diction

Thanks for this - I've been following the Exclusive Brethern in Canada and by extension Australia and New Zealand.
In the Bill C-38 vote in Canada, you can rest assured Exclusive Brethern not only used computers to bombarde MP's they did so as well any any seasoned lobby group.

The Apolegetics Index Religion News Blog keeps track of the articles of the EB polical involvement in Commonwealth countries since 2002.


I used to be a "worldly" employee of a Brethren company. Such employees exist as I guess they cannot fulfill all roles with assembly members.

There seems to be a sea change from within the church as to what is now non-sinful. It used to bemuse me that fax machines were not owned as they were the devil's instrument, yet it was permissible to use a neighbour company's device under a business arrangment. Prior to my leaving my employer, the church had realised the benefits that could be had from leasing fax machines from approved church sources with the revenue being used to support the church and church approved schemes such as their private schools. From what I hear, similar doctrinal U turns have been performed for mobile phones and computers (supplied by a church company), although their use is heavily censored and restricted by the church leadership. What is reprehensible is that where people have been excommunicated and banished from their families for using these items previously, it is now ok because it is an income stream. As for the ex-communicated, they remain so because they were out of step with the church leadership.

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