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I'm an Aussie and sometimes that may mean I see things from a "down-under" point of view. At least, that's how it may seem to some others.

I'm more at home in an academic atmosphere than in pursuing domestic interests or sport. I have degrees acquired over quite a long period of time and I'd really like to do a Th.D. Currently have a BA.,B.TH (Hons.), Dip. Min. (Hons.), Dip.Ed. and of all things, a Dip.Agric. Unfortunately, life and family affairs have put the Th.D. on hold for the moment. Life is not always easy for me, but then who does have an easy life?

I have fairly strong opinions but often keep them to myself or share among close friends. Many, both in my family and at church would be surprised to hear what I really think on many topics. Over the years of study, I have broadened my perspective and now know that I am not threatened by what would seem to many to be liberal, even sometimes heretical viewpoints. My faith is quite strong and I know that truth is found in many places other than my own little circle.

So that's a bit about me.


Reading, writing, thinking and analysing. Oh, and I knit, socks in particular!